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Juvenile Gull

Observed: 3rd August 2008 By: anonymous spotter
Juv Gull herr or gbb

Another old shot: think this is probably juvenile Herring Gull, but would appreciate suggestions.

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for the agreements.

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I reckon this is a first year great black-backed gull rather than a herring gull. The bill is far too heavy and the head is very pale. In August young herring gulls have brownish heads, often with a dark mark round the eyes. Their upperparts don't show such strong markings either. This is an example of a bird which is fairly obvious when seen in the field due to its imposing size, but can be confusing when you try to ID it from a static photo.

Bob Ford

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I thought we had a consensus for a while, there! I have looked at it quite a few times: the size suggested gbb, but the markings looked more like herring gull.
Thanks all the same: nice to know that it was not blatantly obvious which one it was in an odd sort of way!