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Reed Buntings

Observed: 22nd December 2010 By: ophrys
Yorkshire Naturalists' Union
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The freezing temperatures and snow have overtaken this species' natural habitat beside rivers and other wetlands, so they are coming in to gardens. There have been several posted on iSpot, recently. These are two of many coming to my town garden and ringed today, as the temperature actually rose above freezing!

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Reed Buntings

Smart pictures!

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Lovely pictures! Thank you.

Lovely pictures! Thank you.

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I've seen a few people who seem to be handling wild birds on iSpot for IDing purposes.

Out of interest, how did you go about this?

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Bird ringing is just one of

Bird ringing is just one of the means by which the British Trust for Ornithology study the bird populations in this country. Information can be found on their website...


These particular birds were caught in a very fine 'mist' net, measurements taken, a ring fitted to the leg and they were released. I hope that they might be recaught back in their summer quarters (wherever that may be), so that we shall learn about their movements in response to the recent bad weather.

The ringing scheme depends upon people checking dead birds for rings. A lot of birds will be succumbing to the cold, at the moment...please do check any for rings and report them, if you find any...


If you get the chance to go ringing, take it! It is both a privilege to see birds up close, and satisfying to know that you are contributing important information towards their study.


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Thanks for the info - it is

Thanks for the info - it is good to learn a bit about ringing - I'm glad to read in your link that a permit is required and that ringers are apprenticed for a year or two to ensure best practice and safety first for the bird.

I've never noticed any rings in pictures I've taken of birds before, but I shall keep an eye out from now on.

I wonder too how many bird hunters fill out the form in your link above?!

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