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Case bearing clothes moth?

Observed: 21st April 2010 By: moongirl01moongirl01’s reputation in Invertebratesmoongirl01’s reputation in Invertebratesmoongirl01’s reputation in Invertebratesmoongirl01’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Diurnea fagella

I don't think this is one of the Tinea species as the wing posture looks a bit too flat. Given the date of the observation and what might be an associated feeding pattern on the leaf behind the moth + the dark and grey pattern on the wing, I would suggest Diurnea fagella, but my iSpot confidence level would be "A guess".

Robert Homan

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Thanks, Robert! I wasn't

Thanks, Robert! I wasn't really confident about it being one of the Tinea species but I just suggested something as a possibility. I'll look at some photos of Diurnea fagella. I should perhaps explain something too. I had been rearing Vapourer moths and once I had released all the ones which emerged, I put the container on one side and forgot to empty it. The moth in the photo emerged from the container the following year so had obviously been feeding on the decaying matter left behind.

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It doesn't look quite right for Diurnea fagella to me, the long cilia on the wing edges don't quite match, and you can often see long palps on photos of Diurnea, which I can't see in this photo. So it could be something in the clothes moth family, many of which do have long cilia, but I'm not sure which species this is most likely to be, it looks fairly worn.

Entomologist and biological recorder

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Thanks for your comments,

Thanks for your comments, Martin. I think I'll send the photo to a friend of mine and ask for his opinion and then report back here.