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Cheeky Chappie

Observed: 22nd December 2010 By: jccurdjccurd’s reputation in Birdsjccurd’s reputation in Birdsjccurd’s reputation in Birdsjccurd’s reputation in Birds

Not much light around today but I thought it was worth sharing this image of one of our many Coal Tits. You can just about see the white nape on its head.

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Coal tit

Nice picture - I have been trying to photograph coal tits but they are too quick for me at them moment


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They do move fast, don't they? For every success there are nearly always several failures. Good job I finally gave up film.

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Taking photos of moving birds

Hi Petej

Try setting your camera to take repeated shots (as long as the shutter is pressed) - You'll end up with lots of photos of the same thing but it is much easier to get a decent shot of a moving bird.