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Small Mammal

Observed: 21st December 2010 By: David Goad

Around 1830 I saw a small piglet sized mammal crossing the road from one section of woodland to another. I couldn't get a picture. It appeared to have similar skin to pig but longer legs a longer snout and a straight tail about 4 or 5 inches long and was quite agile. It seemed to be pinkish in colour with either very short, or no hair! I have never seen anything like it before, It definitely wasn't a dog. My daughter, who was with me, confirms the description.


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It could well be a piglet -

wild boar are increasing in numbers "down south", the offspring of escapees from farms.
Muntjac deer are of a similar size, but this doesn't sound like on of them.

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Wild boar piglets are much darker than the pink animal you describe. Are you sure it wasn't just a piglet escaped from a nearby farm? After all there are a huge variety of pig breeds, and some do look very odd. See http://www.thepigsite.com/info/swinebreeds.php

Bob Ford

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Definitely wasn't a Muntjac, I know them well. It was very pink. Im not sure if a piglet would survive its been -5 or more at night.
I need to go through the breeds and see if I can find one to match. Any one know a straight tail pig to reduce the search?

David Goad

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Looking at some pictures it could well have been a small wild boar as some of them are more gingery? could well have been mistaken in the colour under the car headlights

Many thanks for your assistance

David Goad