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Duck in the Shetlands

Observed: 11th December 2010 By: inopinatusinopinatus’s reputation in Birds
unknown bird

Spotted a strange pair of ducks on a recent visit to the Shetland Isles (male pictured, didn't get a shot of the female or a close enough view for a decent description). They were sitting in Scalloway Harbour. Unless it's a domestic breed, I've no idea what it could be. Anyone got any thoughts?

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One of the great things about

One of the great things about Shetland birds is their dialect names (also used in Orkney and sometimes more widely in Scotland, while Bonxie is recognised throughout Britain).

I mentioned Calloo for Long-tailed Duck a while ago. Eider is the Dunter.

A glossary is at, showing the Scandinavian connections.



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