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Male Pheasant

Observed: 20th December 2010 By: allison_reid99allison_reid99’s reputation in Birdsallison_reid99’s reputation in Birdsallison_reid99’s reputation in Birds
Male pheasant
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great shot!! my! he looks a

great shot!! my! he looks a cocky cock!!

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Agreed -

really well caught!

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Thanks both

In fact he was doing a runner because the dog had come to the window to see what I was looking at (she knows when I get my camera out)


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It seems that naturalists are accidentally breeding -

the photographic equivalent of the gun dog! Certainly, a border collie I once owned / was owned by knew all about cameras. Depending on her mood, she would either quietly sit and wait; or look to see what it was - and whether it would be good to eat, chase, or roll around in.