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Claw Prints in snow

Observed: 20th December 2010 By: CarolG

Can anyone help me identify this claw print. It has 5 heavy prints and 2 light.
Found on my garden table and lawn.
We have lots of wild life in our garden. A regular phesant and owls in the trees. We have also had one sighting of a badger.

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More likely to be the mark of

More likely to be the mark of a pheasant's wing as it took off.

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claw prints

Could be Mark. After checking there are other prints in the garden which I can tell are the pheasant wings. I never thought of that.

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Claw print

Thank you tarkamerl for getting back to me so quickly. I wondered if it was a badger.This is the first time I have used this website and am so pleased to get a response. It is great.

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I don't think this is a

I don't think this is a paw-print at all, as there is no indication of pads to accompany the rather too many 'claws'. An indication of size would assist, but I would tend to think of wing marks. If it was a Badger, it would have to be a superposition of two feet to give seven 'claws', and the chance of getting that so cleanly, even if the snow behind was too hard to show pads, must be near nil. The 'claws' seem altogether too long for the width of the mark, even for badger.



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I did not notice the comments that had been submitted when I submitted the identification revision.
It could of course be a pheasant rather than a crow as I suggested(especially as it has been commented that pheasants have been present in the garden). I am sure it is a bird though and not a mammal.

Jonathan Wallace

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Bird wing imprint

I had not thought about it being a bird wing imprint, but that makes much more sense and now I look at it with that it mind, it makes much more sense! Good call folks!

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Bird wing

I agree with bird wing for all the reasons above. As to which, I tend to shy away from pheasant as they rarely fly if they can avoid it. The wing does have a curved end which would suggest corvid but a scale would be needed to guess with any more certainty.

I've only just discovered this one and I realise it is an old record, however, if you change it from mammals to birds on iSpot I'm sure they would find enjoyment in trying to work out which species from the shape and number of primaries!

Graham Banwell

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