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Ladybird parasitoid

Observed: 15th September 2010 By: Martin Harvey
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Perilitus coccinellae - 15-ix-2010 - Grangelands-2
Perilitus coccinellae - 15-ix-2010 - Grangelands

This small wasp emerged from a cocoon spun between the legs of a Seven-spot Ladybird - one of many hazards that ladybirds face, see:

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for Grant Burleigh's photo of the cocoon of this species, formed under another Seven-spot Ladybird.

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Yes, this is the only species

Yes, this is the only species in the UK which parasitises ladybirds in this way, and the vast majority of records are from 7-spot. The ladybird survey are collecting parasitoid records in order to chart the relative success of parasitoids in native species and in Harlequins - have a look at and

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