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Hoverfly - Cheilosia sp?

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Small black female hoverfly with hairy eyes and all black scutellum. I think this is a Chelosia species and know that these are difficult to id from photos. From the photo, is it possible to place this in one of the Cheilosia groupings, assuming it's not possible to id. it at species level?

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I am not an expert but

I am not an expert but checking it various sites feel it is Cheilosia


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for the feedback. I'm struggling with large numbers of photos of as yet unidentified, small black hoverflies and I'd rather assumed most would be Cheilosia! These are both new genera for me, so it's back to Stubbs and Falk for more background reading.

And finally a heart-felt THANKYOU to all of the contributors who have responded to my many postings this year - I'm most grateful for the identifications given and feedback comments made. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

I hope the local invertebrates will survive the awful winter conditions we have here at present - I can't wait for some spring sunshine and hopefuly their re-emergence.


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Pipiza austriaca

I've had this individual identified as P. austriaca by the county recorder and subsequently accepted by the Hoverfly Recording System. I was advised that most of the species in these genera are not identifiable from photos, but that in this case the swollen hind femora is a clincher for this species. Thanks for the initial pointer.