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Orange crustose lichen

Observed: 12th December 2010 By: andrewb90
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  • orange crustose lichen
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The picture is very fuzzy,

The picture is very fuzzy, but I wonder if this is not a lichen at all, but the alga Trentepohlia (perhaps T. abietina, which often grows on tree bark). Trentepohlia does not have a coherent thallus structure like lichens, but grows in cushions of filaments. With a lens you should be able to see the filaments easily, but you will need a microscope to ascertain the species. Any chance of a sharper picture?



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Hi thanks for the comment. Im

Hi thanks for the comment. Im sorry but this is the clearest picture i have of this photo. I do have another photo of the same color lichen/algae on a different tree which might be abit clearer. Thanks