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Corn Bunting?

Observed: 18th December 2010 By: B15DVEB15DVE’s reputation in BirdsB15DVE’s reputation in BirdsB15DVE’s reputation in Birds

Similar situation to DWRay, one chance to get the photo, and was best i could manage. Least i got a passing aeroplane in the background!Not sure what it is, had similar flight pattern to Tits, but thought it was a corn bunting due to markings

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Reed Bunting

Doesn't look heavy enough in the beak for Corn Bunting. Looks better for Reed Bunting or Yellowhammer. As I have just returned from hospital this morning, with steroid drops in my eye, and therefore no focus, I shan't embarrass myself by plumping for a precise ID!


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I agree.

My eyes are focussing OK, but I need to view the photo on a better screen. I can't see this as a Corn Bunting though, and I'm sure that it will be one of the two Ophrys mentions.

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I take it the sharp eyes will

I take it the sharp eyes will be even sharper now. Hope all is well. Good luck.

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This bird looks likely to be a female Yellowhammer to me, but as I can't saw why it is (or why it's not a female Reed Bunting) I'm not going to add that as a revision.

Sometimes I think that it can be better to leave comments about ID instead of potentially unnecessary revisions, if the intention is to have a closer look later.