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deer droppings?

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seemed rather large and

seemed rather large and bullet shaped to be rabbit droppings

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Can't really judge the size -

they are probably not Fallow Deer (one end of which is almost always pointed, like the one at about the 3 o'clock position, but few of the others), but I guess they could well be Roe Deer.
I agree with the above - they do look a bit big for rabbit, and those are usually more spherical.

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Change category

If you put this in the mammal category, more experts will see it.

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I've edited this so that it appears in the "Mammals" section, as tarkamerl suggests, where we should get the 'Likely ID' showing correctly, and more people will see it. Hope that's okay!

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Roe deer

These are too cylindrical for rabbit so I agree with deer. As for which species; they are black and shiny implying red or fallow deer.

The size would be the key identification feature here. The dimple at one end of a deer dropping is dependent on the consistency of the dropping, it can easily be absent.

There are populations of fallow deer in parts of the area and the distribution maps do not show red deer in the are, hence I think it is likely to be fallow deer.

Graham Banwell

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I have seen many fallow deer in the general area. Thanks Graham.