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Probable Willow Tit

Observed: 17th December 2010 By: PetejPetej’s reputation in BirdsPetej’s reputation in BirdsPetej’s reputation in BirdsPetej’s reputation in Birds
Willow Tit

Rather a blurred photo because these tits usually take a seed from the feeders and shoot off with it. This is the best of lots of bad shots so far and I am wondering if there are both Willow and Marsh Tits coming to the feeders as there are some on which I cannot see the pale secondaries panel and these also appear to have a small bib - I will keep trying for a really sharp picture.

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A difficult photo!

I agree that the secondary panel looks paler than the colour of the back, and the cheek patch looks very pale, rather like Willow.

Overall, though, I would like a better photo to agree either way. Do you know how common Willow is near you? They are rather uncommon in many areas.


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Thanks for the comment.

I have seen Willow Tit in a wood about 3 miles away from here this year but never had them come to the feeders here. In the cold spells now I am getting a steady procession of Willow and/or Marsh Tits and I put that particular picture up because it showed the pale wing panel most clearly. On the other hand some of the birds I am seeing look less bulky in the head and have small bibs. As you say better pictures would help.