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Observed: 18th December 2010 By: Geoff and Marga...

These droppings were photographed in the garden of a nephew who lives in Gnosall, Staffordshire. We think they were probably left by a large bird of some kind. Any suggestions? (He did see some bird's footprints, but they were covered by snow before he could photograph them.)


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Looks a bit like squirrel droppings to me. Also could be hedgehog. Could be a bird but in my experience bird droppings tend to have some white in them from the uric acid crystals.

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Droppings -

It could well be a small mammal, as pointed out above, bird droppings usually (but not always) have some white in them. There appear to be some seeds in this one - possibly haws? That would suggest a softbill bird such as blackbird, thrush, or starling if it is a bird.