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New-hatched spiders

Observed: 10th April 2001 By: Annie Ellen
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New-hatched spiders
Climbing along threads

They must have just hatched, as they quickly dispersed, and the excitement was soon over. As I watched them climb suprisingly quickly along the threads I wondered, "How did the threads get there?"

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Can't identify -

but I love the photos!

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Further help please

Thank you for you comments. I wonder whether anyone can answer my question, "How did the threads get there?"

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I'm not sure -

but there are two possibilities I can think of.
First, the spiderlings produce them, and allow the threads to be wind-blown to provide a dispersal mechanism. Some species migrate using this sort of "parachute".
Secondly, the female could have produced them at laying - either they are part of the protective web containing the eggs, or an adjunct to this.

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Thank you

for your comment.