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Observed: 16th December 2010 By: John GeaterJohn Geater’s reputation in Birds
Sparrow Hawk
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Is this a young sparrowhawk?

Is this a young sparrowhawk?

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Looks like an adult female to me. The white patches are where the bases of the feathers are showing, either because the bird is in moult or more likely just because it's feathers are ruffled up.

Bob Ford

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I agree that this bird looks

I agree that this bird looks like a female Sparrowhawk. :) Rob

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2nd winter female?

I would say that this is most likely to be a 2nd winter female (so a bird hatched in 2009, in it's 2nd calendar year).

Although it does not have the extensive chestnut/buff fringes to the upperpart feather that are seen in juveniles, there are still some retained juvenile feathers with buff edges (most obviously on the - lesser coverts on the birds shoulder).