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Which Gull ?

Observed: 2nd December 2010 By: beatles_beetles
which gull?
which gull

I took this lovely snowy shot at my local park …but what type of gull is it that normally congregates in parks because I can't find it in my bird book with these marking. All have red beak and legs with black dot near the eyes. Thanks.

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Which Gull?

By your description I would say that it is a Black Headed Gull in it's winter plumage. The black head of it's summer plumage changes to a characteristic black spot close to the eye in the winter. We have lots of them flying around the river Foss here in York.

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lovely gull picture.

Fully agree with bigpink chimp

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Nice photos, I like these.

Nice photos, I like these. Definitely Black-headed Gulls.