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Polyporus varius

Observed: 18th October 2009 By: vld91vld91’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensvld91’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
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flat orange/ brown coloured fungi with white gills


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It is not a polypore but

It is not a polypore but can't think what it is at the moment, could yuo give some more details of habitat e.g. type of woodland, soil type (chalky, acid etc), species it was growing on.

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found in kennal vale nature

found in kennal vale nature reserve, Ponsanooth, Cornwall which was a former gun powder works and now woodland. not sure of the soil type, but found many different species in this area, sorry if this doesnt help alot.

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There are a few completely

There are a few completely different (from each other) possibilities for this and I am not very familiar with any of them so would not like to suggest any of them. Perhaps one to put on the back burner and come back to later.