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Ringlet butterfly?

Observed: 16th December 2010 By: Michael HartupMichael Hartup’s reputation in InvertebratesMichael Hartup’s reputation in InvertebratesMichael Hartup’s reputation in Invertebrates

A colleague as produced the remains of this butterfly from a flight case that has come back from Wales.

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The variable size of the spots is not right for Wall, and the wing is not sufficiently variegated. I suspect an overseas stowaway, possibly North American. Is that possible?

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I see what you mean now

I see what you mean now Michael. I couldn't think what other native species it would be though. Some of the other Lasiommata spp. have different sized spots though so maybe it has hopped over from Europe?

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Interesting, and certainly

Interesting, and certainly possible... the flight case was from the World Rally Championships, the last stage of which is Wales - so I have assumed it had come from there.

It's more likely to be a stowaway from Europe than N. America given that the stages last year were Sweden, Mexico, Jordan, Turkey, New Zealand, Portugal, Bulgaria, Finland, Germany, Japan, France, Spain, Wales.

I think it's still on my desk at work...