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Photo's of insects

Hi All
I have taken some macro photo,s with my new camera and was amazed to find lots of insects on the ivy on the Lime tree in the back garden.
I also have some photo,s of shrimp like creatures taken on the beach in Wales.
I would be delighted to know what they all are if anyone can ID them please let me know.
I will at some point get a reference book now i am retired

Check the photo,s at




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Why not post them -

as observations on this site? Put up each species separately, you don't need to add an identification if you are really not sure. Lots of people look at the observations, I think fewer use the forums.
Add detail about the habitat if you know it (e.g. if it's woodland, say what type - conifer, oak, mixed, etc.)
Make sure you pick the right group of organisms - that way you have more chance of the right people seeing it, as some use the filters to concentrate on their interests.
Finally, the picture loading can be a bit slow: wait until you see the picture as a thumbnail. You can post more than one picture for any observation.

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Insect 12

i think that insect 12 is a click beetle, what type of plant was it on?

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Picture 11 = caterpillars of the Cinnabar Moth feeding on buds of Ragwort.

Picture 12 = Common Red Soldier Beetle (Rhagonycha fulva)

As for the rest follow the suggestion and post them as indivual entries on iSpot and then there is a high chance that the wasp and fly experts will see them.

Robert Homan

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The marine shrimps are insects


I've only just come across this posting. The animals described as shrimps are insects, the bristle tail Petrobius maritimus. If you want to know a bit more about it see



Mike Kendall