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Observed: 12th December 2010 By: Fred Titchener
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Light brown head and body no real markings 45 cms long

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this is not like any Mallard female i have ever seen - it was a pale golden buff colour all over with no flecking in its plumage

Fred Titchener

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still a mallard in my opinion

still a mallard in my opinion a leucistic one. :)

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Why its not a Wigeon

Fred, whatever this bird is it cannot be a female Wigeon. Wigeon are a neat compact duck and have a very distinctive head shape which is high and rounded above the bill making the the forehead steeply sloping. The bill is also 'neat' and two toned, pale grey at base and darker at tip. The colouring is different too from this bird, especially ginger on the flanks. I support the identification as a Mallard. These can be seen in all sorts of variation especially in town parks where there are often domestic breeds present and hybrids. Look at previous pictures of odd ducks and you will see the variation shown.