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Cat & Fox

Observed: 27th October 2010 By: ebgoodebgood’s reputation in Mammals

The Fox craftily approached the Cat which was fully aware but unconcerned. the Fox getting this close was very cautious however the cat with insouciance saw the Fox off.

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Nice shot -

cats seem unperturbed by foxes, and will often chase them off.

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Cats and foxes

I guess to a cat a fox is just a small dog. They see my Labrador off!

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This usually happens...

...however, there are a few foxes out there that are really mean. By and large however foxes do not like being clawed by cats so are very wary of them.


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Body Language

There are lots of videos on www.youtube.com just search for cat and fox.
I love watching cats' body language when threatened by another animal. They often act as if they don't care...up to a point where they'll suddenly react.