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Finch. Small 12 cm. Unmistakable black and white head with crimson face. Yellow wing bar. Sexes alike.

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Sexes alike...

Goldfinch can be sexed on the amount of red stretching behind the eye, above the eye.If the red stretches well back, past the eye, then it will be a male. This bird on the right is definitely a male, on that basis. On a female, the red above the eye tends to be much less, and also the red below the beak tends to be less defined and shorter than on a male. A large number of birds are intermediates, though, so it only works with well-marked, adult birds.

If you can see the lesser coverts, on the birds 'shoulder', then black is a male and brown a female, but that can be tricky to see and again many are intermediates.


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Thats a fine difference, I

Thats a fine difference, I suppose not so easy to make it unless with a very keen observation. It is good to know. Thank you for explaining.


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Goldfinch sexing.

Another fine bit of info for the memory box

Thank you.