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Green stick insect

Observed: 21st September 2010 By: Freeland
stick insect view 2
stick insect view 1

Body about 2 inches long, six legs, tail about same length as body and able to curl upwards. Suddenly appeared on my sleeve as we walked in the so-called 'jungle' section of the Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall.

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Stick Insect

At 2 inches it must be a nymph, probably of the Unarmed Stick-insect or the Smooth Stick-insect, which are very alike.

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stick insects in Cornwall

Buglife ran a survey recently that demonstrated stick insects are well-established in parts of Cornwall:

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And the recording scheme for

And the recording scheme for orthoptera and allied insects (cockroachs, earwigs, sticks and mantids) are always interested in records:

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