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Grey or European Alder

Observed: 5th November 2009 By: Barnmead
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Tree 8-10m tall, about 3m from old farm pond.

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Grey alder

The leaf in the photo has the shape of Italian alder (Alnus cordata). The leaf of grey alder is much more ointed and serrated. Grey alder tends to like drier sites, (planted on reclaimed tips).


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I was trying to identify an

I was trying to identify an Italian alder see
Look to see if there are any short tufts of orange hairs on the midrib of the leaf that will tell whether it is Italian.

Les Pearce
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my understanding

is that A viridis has fewer vein pairs - 6-8, whereas A incana has 8-12 - this one seems to have 10 or so. A viridis would also be unlikely to form a 'proper' tree of this size, either - it tends to be more shrubby, and the bark is smoother and doesn't have these vertical 'fissures'.