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Observed: 13th December 2010 By: Andrew GortonAndrew Gorton’s reputation in BirdsAndrew Gorton’s reputation in Birds
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whoops what have I done?

website seemed to crash while I tried to post the amended ID...sorry folks!

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Not a Bean Goose

Not sure what this is (its likely a hybrid between two species) but its not a Bean Goose. The bill of Bean Goose is not all black and it doesnt have white around the face.

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Swan Goose x Greylag Goose.

The all black bill and the dark cap are features seen on domestic Swan Geese (known as Chinese Geese or African Geese). Hybrids between the these and Greylag Geese typically lack the large knob at the base of the bill which is a feature of domestic (but not wild) Swan Geese. The white on the forehead is more extensive than might be expected, but there are white domestic forms of both species.
If it is a Swan Goose hybrid, the back of the neck will probably be just as dark as the crown.

Edit: I'm guessing that it's the bird than has managed to sneak into the photo here:
(which makes me more certain of the ID I posted above).

2nd Edit: Looks like there are a few hybrids in the flock (this is another one):

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Swan Goose cross

I will go with Roy's ID on this one.