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Barking fox?

Observed: 12th December 2010 By: SheilaCurzon

for the last few nights I have heard a repeated 'arp arp arp' sound outside. Whatever is doing it is moving around the streets. It always seems to be three barks then nothing for a minute or more. I wondered if it was a fox, but am not aware of what their bark sounds like.


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From the foxes mouth (can"t help the pun )I would say a fox they would be mating at this time of year and this sounds exactly right for their call. :)


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Thanks for that, I couldn't think what else it would be, but have not heard that sort of sound before.

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If he gets lucky -

you may also hear the unearthly scream of the vixen. (I'm told that dog foxes also scream, but early teaching tends to stick!)