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Blackbird with thorn in breast

Observed: 10th December 2010 By: RosBromwichRosBromwich’s reputation in Birds
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This tame blackbird comes for food every day. It has appeared in the past week with a thorn or twig protruding from the front which seems to go thro to the back as well. Its ability to fly and feed seem unimpaired.

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Good Grief!

What a startling picture - it's like one of those old joke "arrow through the head" devices. The poor thing. If that really does go right through, withdrawing it may do more harm than good so best not call on Androcles.

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Remarkable -

wonder how it happened? Obviously it missed the heart, but it must seriously impede the flight muscles, if nothing else.
If it is feeding, that's a good sign, I guess.

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good news

The thorn/stick/whatever it was seems to have gone - at least it is no longer visible and the bird is hopping about happily (and flying).