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Unknown caterpillar

Observed: 12th June 2008 By: trudy-russelltrudy-russell’s reputation in Invertebratestrudy-russell’s reputation in Invertebratestrudy-russell’s reputation in Invertebrates

Green caterpillar with regular black rectangular markings. Length approximately 4cm.
Fell out of mixed foliage when shaken (approximately 11.30pm), this was part of a nocturnal survey. The caterpillar was found in foliage on a coastal trail that is south facing. Weather - warm, dry and clear night.

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Burnet Moth ??

I'm not sure what this one is, but one thing I am sure about is that it is not a Six-spot Burnet Moth. Right sort of "black and yellow" colour, but the Burnet has a double row of black spots on the dorsal surface, this has a single row. Habitat and time of year are wrong as well, Burnet larvae feed on legumes are are around May/June time.

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charlieb, are you sure about the "Clouded" bit? Looks more like straightforward Magpie Moth to me!

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Yes I did mean "The Magpie".

Yes I did mean "The Magpie". Slip of the finger there... whoops!

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Agreed Martin