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Song thrush

Observed: 4th May 2009 By: jason.birtjason.birt’s reputation in Birdsjason.birt’s reputation in Birdsjason.birt’s reputation in Birds
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Song thrush collecting nesting materials on the coastal path approaching Marazion from the east.

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I agree

I think camelbirder is right, this is not a song thrush. If you look closely at the bill on the original photo it looks more pipit like than thrush like.

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rock pipit

Definitely a rock pipit. Apart from the details pointed out by camelbirder song thrushes are brown, not grey.

Bob Ford

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Song thrush to rock pipit

Thanks to camelbirder, Marita and bobthebirder for the correct identification. In retrospect, I should (a) be a little less free with the "confident as I can be" statement and (b) look at the size of the bird relative to the post it is on...!

Jason Birt

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The Song Thrush (Turdus

The Song Thrush (Turdus philomelos) is a thrush that breeds across much of Eurasia. It is also known in English dialects as throstle or mavis. It has brown upperparts and black-spotted cream or buff underparts and has three recognised subspecies. Its distinctive song, which has repeated musical phrases, has frequently been referred to in poetry. ccie