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Woodcock - remains

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Woodcock - remains

First day without snow for three weeks so walked in Culag Woods. Came across this on the woodland path.
The highly patterned feathers make me wonder if it might be a Woodcock?

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Seems likely, Les. We have

Seems likely, Les. We have had a lot of Woodcock in Highland in the cold weather of the past month (including one in my garden last week).



recording wildlife with The Recorder's Year on www.hbrg.org.uk/TRY.html.

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Thanks Murdo,

I have the The Recorder's Year list and will be looking out for them next year.
While down south last time I had a go at identifing galls in readiness.
One I thought was a Smooth Spangle Gall I put on iSpot but nobody confirmed it so wonder if I am wrong, I would still be interested know what it is ? - see

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On the east coast, I have

On the east coast, I have flushed freshly arrived migrant woodcock from under my feet and even stuck a few of the feathers in my notebook from that time. I recall only seeing half a dozen or so feathers as the birds 'exploded' from the ground and flew away to safety. This looks as though it has fallen foul to a predator. Maybe a Goshawk, from this part of the world?

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