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A large flock of Fieldfares landed this morning and feed on the lawn,picture's not that good as taken from inside the house through window.The blackbird is a bonus,but I noticed one of them was ringed pic 4.They are always here every winter but I would like to know were it may have been ringed.

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Unless you can get a number

Unless you can get a number from the ring it is impossible to say where it was ringed. It may have been ringed at a coastal location where many Fieldfares and other migrants are trapped where they make first landfall or it may have been ringed further afield in its breeding range, maybe Scandinavia, Russia or beyond

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NO chance of getting a number but you have answered my question of were it may have been done,it's just interest really as I have never noticed rings on them before and there are about 100 that stay in the pasture around the house and lawns.


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As a ringer, I have to wonder whether this is actually a ringed bird? The white 'ring' is above the 'knee', yet ringers would normally put a ring below. It (the 'ring') also appears very long, unlike a normal ring.

If it is a ring, it is a colour ring, not a BTO metal ring. So, if the bird is ringed, it looks to be part of a study of individual Fieldfares, rather than a chance-ringed bird at an observatory, say.


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I have seen one's that you have put on iSpot and other ringed birds and your right it is alway's below the knee,I thought it looked big but never thought of that. I wonder do you think I could find out if there are any studies going on, I will watch and see if I can see any metal ringed one's I have never seen any ringed bird's in my area before.