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Otter or mink?

Observed: 10th December 2010 By: patricklauriepatricklaurie’s reputation in Mammals

I know it's hard to tell from this picture, but I found this pile of droppings around six inches off the ground, halfway up a tuft of molinia grass. Do mink stack their droppings in this way, or is it more likely to have been an otter? The dump has been under snow for the past three weeks, so much of the structure and detail has been lost - and no, it never actually occured to me to smell it!

    Likely ID
    Mink / otter
    Confidence: It's likely to be this, but I can't be certain.
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Until they invent smell on

Until they invent smell on the web, it is impossible to tell! Otter - a very mild almost sweet odour; Mink foul and musky. Give 'Dr' Gillian Keith a bell since she is out of the jungle ;-).



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i'm not an expert...

...and i've only seen Otter spraint a couple of times, but when i have it doesn't look like typical mammal faecies (not sure of ther spelling here), which this photos does. so i'd be dubious as to Otter.

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unknown poo

depending on the size
the options from the look would be fox mink polecat/ ferret

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As said above without smelling it I can not say, especially as it appears to have partially decomposed.

Graham Banwell

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