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Unidentified tree, 3 views.

Observed: 16th November 2010 By: MoosebirdMoosebird’s reputation in Plants

Medium sized tree in parkland. Opposite leaves & lobed shape suggest Acer but i'm not sure.

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sycamore probably...

...but bark not as smooth and grey as I'd have expected. shape looks as if it has been coppiced previously.

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The leaves are 3-lobed

Whereas sycamore tend to be 5-lobed, except in mature trees. Jan-rix's point that this may have been coppiced/vandalised in the past is taken - the tree could be older than it looks.
It lacks the almost ubiquitous (this year at least)tar-spot fungus found on sycamore.
My guess would be Norway Maple (A. planoides). but that is all it is.