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Evergreen Tree

Observed: 5th December 2010 By: MrGMrG’s reputation in PlantsMrG’s reputation in PlantsMrG’s reputation in Plants
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A medium-sized tree still in full green leaf, so presumed evergreen. Leaves dark green upperside (photo top left), variably toothed, about 8 vein pairs, 8-10x4cm, mid-green underside (photo top right, leaves wet) with prominent downy central midrib, petiole downy. Shoots downy. Buds small. A bit like Holm Oak but leaves larger and not pale and woolly underneath.


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Probably is one of the oaks.

Probably is one of the oaks.

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The lobing is a bit weak for

The lobing is a bit weak for an oak and I didn't see any bud clusters. I've rechecked my photos of Lucombe Oaks and the lobing is much more pronounced. Also the tree is in what appears to be fairly natural woodland and doesn't appear to have been planted. However, I don't know the history of the site so who knows.

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If It looks and sounds a bit like a cork oak (an evergreen) from your description - but, any oak would have acorns beneath it somewhere or remnants of acorn cups on the tree - were there any about the place?


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There seems to be a large amount of variation in the leaf form of Holm or Cork Oak based hybrids in the UK. The leaves on your tree are probably beyond the bounds of what could be found on a Holm Oak, but a Holm Oak cross (the so called Turner's Oak) might be a possibility. The id of such trees is really difficult as they can produce viable acorns and could therefore turn up in semi-natural conditions. A more detailed picture of the bark would be useful.

Robert Homan

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Acorns, bark etc

Turner's Oak seems a possibiity. Holm Oak is a very common species in the area to the extent of some being removed from a nearby nature reserve so it could be a natural hybrid. I didn't take a close-up photo of the bark and I didn't spot any acorns but this doesn't mean there weren't any. I shall have to revisit the tree sometime.