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Fungus on oak, Grandtully, 10.10

Observed: 14th October 2010 By: MethalMethal’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
Fungus on oak, Grandtully, 10.10

There were two of these on the one youngish oak in Highland Perthshire. I could not find any others nor have I seen one before. A month later it was nearly colourless and translucent.


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Tremella (brain fungus)

This looks like a species of Tremella (brain fungus) but I'm afraid I can't tell which species from this photo.

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It looks like mesenterica -

from my copy of Phillips, but not sure if there are others the book doesn't have.

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long wait

David has made a safe ID, so another agreement after nearly three years.
T.mesenterica is rather rare on oak I think. Much, if not all in on Gorse here. Of course, it is (always?) a parasite of another fungus.
See mine here
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