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Spangle gall

Observed: 27th November 2010 By: gf2689
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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common spangle gall
Spangle gall in leaf of English Oak - Quercus robur
Spangle gall on English Oak - Quercus robur

On a large English Oak - Quercus robus - underside of the leaves. About 4mm in diameter.The Spangle gall on the underside of the oak leaf is a flat disc, with a distinct central elevation, slightly hairy, yellow-green at first and reddish later,

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I am not convinced by this.

I am not convinced by this. N. quercusbaccarum is usually obviously red, or whitish if the hairs are sparse or worn off, while this shows no such colour. I think this mark is something else.



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Thanks for that, I was having doubts, will check it.