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Waxwing adult

Observed: 7th December 2010 By: RoyW
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Waxwing adult

One of five waxwings feeding on an ornamental "sorbus" species (rowan/whitebeam type).

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Super picture!

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Where's the invasion!

When are they going to reach Merseyside!! (Excellent picture, very regal looking Waxwing!).

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Two weeks ago I saw c.100 in

Two weeks ago I saw c.100 in N Yorks near Helmsley, so maybe they are on the E side of the country.



recording wildlife with The Recorder's Year on

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Been waiting for them too.
Agree ... nice photo

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I am not sure of where you all are in relation to the Shetlands but the photos in this blog are amazing !
I saw 2 last January never saw anything so lovely before.


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This is well worth a look!

I haven't clicked on the link given by foxy (because I've already seen the page), I recommend that anyone who hasn't seen it takes a look though - the photographs are amazing, they really show how tame hungry Waxwings can be (an experience to remember for those in the shots!).

PS. Thanks to those who have commented on my photo.