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Observed: 12th October 2010 By: maryw3
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student

Long, striatd creamy stems with orangey tint. Small orangey cap. Some stems twisted. Growing on decaying wood in a regenerated colliery site, Sutton Manor Park, St helens, NW UK


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possible id

Thanks for your comments flaxton. I've checked the sites suggested but there were very few photos so that has brought me no closer. The ones I photographed were closed cupped - maybe immature.

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The one that seem's to match is Gymnopilus junonius.has apricot tinges to cap with cinnamon fibrous scales,stem bulbous,but it is hard as your right it's a newly emerged fungi,if it was nearby it's worth going back the following day,but I see from the date that is not possible.


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Thanks to both flaxton and

Thanks to both flaxton and ediblebritain for your comments. Now that I'm 'mastering' ispot and id in general I'll be able to do more checking next year.