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Tree with pink blossom

Observed: 22nd September 2009 By: Geoff and Marga...

We were not able to see this clearly, as we passed by in a vehicle.

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flowers look a bit like a

flowers look a bit like a magnolia but unfortunately its not quite sharp enough to see properly

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Could be Jacaranda I suppose.

Could be Jacaranda I suppose. Flowers are about the right colour and the trees can be this big. Not sure abiut flowering time though. You have set a bit of a poser here! Welcome to iSpot!

University of Edinburgh and Biodiversity Observatory (OU)

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tree with pink blossom

We have a house in southern Spain and the jacaranda come out in early spring,so I think it is probably not that, but I wonder if it is a very large oleander. I have seen some, when left to their own devices, grow into quite substantial shrubs about 30 feet high and they are still in flower now, but this is a bit big!
Iy is not really possible to tell, as it isnot in focus when enlarged.