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Riverside droppings

Observed: 5th December 2010 By: hywel.davies3
    Likely ID
    Bird, probably pheasant
    Confidence: It's likely to be this, but I can't be certain.
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Bird dropping?

The white looks like uric acid, which is how birds and reptiles excrete nitrogenous waste instead of as urine. This saves water (and weight - important for birds).

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bird dropping

I agree, it does look like a bird dropping, possibly a goose?

Montgomeryshire mammal recorder and generalist

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bird dropping

Have you got pheasants around there? Not certain if a pheasant dropping should be thicker.

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bird dropping

Yes, there are pheasants around Llanilar, although I've never seen them down by the river. Thanks for the info!

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Bird dropping

From the size and shape I would say definitely pheasant. Move it onto the bird forum and see whet you get there.

Graham Banwell

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