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Brown Hare

Observed: 30th August 2009 By: JaneCJaneC’s reputation in MammalsJaneC’s reputation in Mammals

Very tame brown hare which allowed me to get quite close for a photo or two. Third photo shows how easy it would be to miss seeing one in long grass.

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great photos!

great photos, I really like the one with the ears flattened!

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How great to get such good shots

Beautiful pictures! I understand hares spend most of their time in the open but assuming they still use burrows for raising their young? (leverets??)

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Raising young

No, they never burrow. What's more, the leverets are left by the mother shortly after birth and she only visits once every 24 hours to suckle them for about 5 minutes! This is how hares avoid predation on their young.

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Raising young

I learned this the hard way over 20 years ago. Out walking my dogs, I found what I thought were 2 abandoned baby rabbits, and took them to the vet who correctly identified them as leverets. I should have left well alone. It was too late to return them, so I had to hand feed them every four hours with a milk formula from the vets. They survived and got quite unruly and we released them in the countryside, but I learned my lesson about the differences between how rabbits and hares raise their young!

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Lovely photograph