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Observed: 20th October 2009 By: janmarldonjanmarldon’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptiles
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red frog

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resident in my garden pond,


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I think you're correct in saying this is a frog (Common Frog, Rana temporaria). Would you like to add that as the identification and we can agree it?

iSpot is getting a good selection of various colours of frogs, e.g. see:

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This is a good picture of a

This is a good picture of a common frog, i added a common frog that was of a redish /orange colouration on i spot a few weeks ago.the red common frog i found was in a woodland where there leaves where of a similar colour and im wondering if their surroundings have an influence on there colouring. there seem to be alot of redish colour common frogs around at the moment.

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Common frog

This is a common frog, the angular shape to the head and body stipes are the identification features. There are a few red frogs on iSpot as vld91 mentions. One is below.


For this observation I looked into what causes the red colouration.

The red colouration is caused by the over production of drosopterins red pigments in the skin. This is likely to be due to a disease or other condition rather than genetic, however, no one is sure what causes it. I would expect them to be more obvious to predators in grassland, however, red could be well camouflaged in mud, especially in areas of old red sandstone.

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