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Escaping Black-headed Gulls? (+ one Common Gull)

Observed: 3rd December 2010 By: jhn7
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Moments after I took this photo there was a huge flash of gold / grey / russet brown as a red kite swooped to the ground into the gulls to take something! Our garden is a postage stamp in an urban area surrounded by fencing. What a surprise!

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I was advised -

to put out dog food - the dry stuff, soaked in water. I have since experimented with an "extruded" semi-moist variety. I can't say that the blackbirds are very keen on either, but they do get eaten.
Stale cake goes down very well with many birds, so I've been experimenting with a simple victoria sponge mix, and adding shreds of chicken etc. That "sells" much better!
My garden is also very small, but a family of house sparrows, plus a few tits and finches visiting the seed feeder attract sparrowhawks (as posted a while back).

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Thanks for these ideas.

Oh dear what a dilemma - at least the red kite was scavenging! I'll have a go at the dog food, having a dog makes that easy and also I wont have to worry if he eats it! Unfortunately our cakes do not last long enough to go stale (2 adult sons still living at home). I have been following the forum about should we feed birds, I'm just glad people in this country want to feed birds and not (for the most part) shoot them. We have three bird baths, various bushes and small trees with fruit or berries and we put out RSPB or BTO food. I might try your chicken cake recipe. Thanks!

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Just pointing out that the centre bird is a common gull. 2nd winter.

Bob Ford

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Thanks so much. I did wonder because of the leg colour and eye. I feel I have learned lots about gull identification from people's helpful comments.

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