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Long-Tailed Tit freshly bathed

Observed: 4th December 2010 By: Sue HendrieSue Hendrie’s reputation in BirdsSue Hendrie’s reputation in Birds

I heard the excited chattering of our local long-tailed tits and looking out my first floor study window was treated to the sight of 8 in a line having a wonderful bath in the water logged eaves guttering. Up to their chests in water and splashing happily. Needless to say by the time I'd grabbed my camera there was only 1 left! He may look bedraggled but he was actually a very happy bird. A very good case for remembering that cold and snowy as it is, even at this time of the year birds need water for bathing.

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What a lovely story.

I have similar problems capturing fleeting moments on camera but this is great. What a hardy liitle bird!

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