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Common Frog?

Observed: 13th April 2007 By: Stuart1960
Common frog?

about 1.25 inches in length

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Yes, add it as an

Yes, add it as an identification, the I'll agree


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I'll agree too; don't forget the scientific name!

I'll agree too; don't forget to add the scientific name or someone else will need to. Rana temporia (it will come on the drop-down list)

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poor Stuart, you missed this one too

Matthew and I had agreed to wait and let Stuart do the ID as his suspicions were correct and he is a new user of iSpor, but unfortunately perhaps our comments were not noticed

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I was waiting

I noticed your comment's and was waiting for Stuart to put the ID on so I could agree,I to feel it is unfortunate as he has put a lot of good picture's on and has got the name right but not put the scientific name on,can there not be some advice/help when your new to Ispot or as you both and I have done put the scientific name in comment's for the first couple of weeks,until the person get's the hang of it but only if they know what the common name is ie have correctly identity
Just a thought