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Annual or perennial

Hi. Here's a beginner's question Are fungi annual or perennial?



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The fruiting bodies are

The fruiting bodies are usually rather short lived but the main body of the fungus underground or in a tree etc can live for a very long time and spread out over a very large area depending on species.

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Thank you. I had some good

Thank you.

I had some good ones in my garden and I hope they'll come back up next autumn, so I'll leave that area of soil undisturbed.


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well some turn up most years

well some turn up most years whereas others are only very rarely seen fruiting even though the main body of the fungus is there.

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Fungal longevity

Some idea of how long some fungal mycelia (the network of threads that for the main body of many species)is that there is a specimen of honey fungus in the USA that is believed to be the biggest living organism on the planet.
In many habitats, the fungi spread slowly, and through disturbance or local conditions, some will die off, so eventually you have a distributed network, whose original relations are hard to determine.

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Yes, I agree but thought it was in Canada.

It's one of these mycohrizal things on tree roots.


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It's in Oregon -

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Oregon is just down the road from Canada and the hyphae on this monster might reach the Dominion!

Thanks for the reference; most interesting.

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Short term species

Some fungi, e.g. those that grow on transient substrates such as animal dung cannot have a persistent mycelium. They survive between fruitings as spores (sometimes going through the animal's alimentary tract).

Also some fungal rusts are certainly annual. They infect one host when the annual vegetative material is present, but can survive its absence on an alternate host.