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Golden plover

Observed: 1st December 2010 By: Jeff WellsJeff Wells’s reputation in BirdsJeff Wells’s reputation in Birds
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Not exactly typical habitat -

Not exactly typical habitat - what is the story behind the picture?



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There appears to be

something odd about one of the legs.

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your right

You have good eyesight I did not notice,it is rather distorted,maybe that's why it is in an odd place.


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Is it stuffed?

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Never thought of that one,hope not


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It's also got a chunk missing

It's also got a chunk missing out the back of its head. Wonder if it's been subject of a predator attack?


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Photo taken close to bird,

Photo taken close to bird, Long lens would have blurred the background.

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Golden plover

Thanks for all your comments. We found the injured bird in a lane near our house. It had indeed been injured - a predator most likely - and couldn't fly at first. It walks with a limp on a slightly wonky leg and has missing feathers from its neck and left wing. After a few days with us now, it's eating lots of mealworms and looks ready to go back into the wild (the picture was taken in it's temporary home, our greenhouse). We are taking advice from RSPB as to where to release it, as we haven't seen golden plover here before. There are however lots of lapwings in this snow-free part of Scotland.