Star Jelly Mystery solved on iSpot

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A recent observation on iSpot has finally solved the 'Star Jelly Mystery' that has been running possibly for centuries. We have had quite a few observations of a mysterious jelly that appears in odd places and contending explanations of what it might be.
There is an example observation and some of the associated debate here.
The observation that solved the mystery, showing a picture of the jelly associated with obvious remains of frogs/frogspawn is here

Frog or frogspawn remains probably account for a lot of the mystery observations, but some of them will be other organisms such as:

A fungus that grows on wood, such as Exidia nucleata (Crystal brain)

Slime moulds, such as Mucilago crustaceae

Algae, such as Gloeocystis

Blue green bacteria, such as Nostoc

You can now hear an interview that Jonathan did on Saving Species about Star Jelly here:


For the backstory see this BBC Scotland report


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Photographic evidence of connection between Star Jelly and Frog

The Jelly was spotted first and 60 yards away I found the Frog near one of our ponds either it was discarded or I disturbed a predator.

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